S3: E39: How to THRIVE, not just Survive with Emma Stanley

“The best that we can do is continue to be visible, continue to organize, and continue to take action to secure our own space within our own culture.”

Just in time for the Trans Day of Visibility, Isaac (They/He) sits down with Simply Good Form Director of Program Development Emma Stanley (She/Her), to talk about the challenges surrounding and importance of living visibly. Given the recent rise of anti-Trans legislation and sentiment, Isaac and Emma discuss the increased importance of this year's TDoV.

The two discuss the barriers people face when trying to live visibly and the reasons why it is so important to see members of the Trans community succeeding in the more mundane aspects of life, drawing from their own lived experiences for context.

Also in this episode, Emma shares an upcoming skills program called Thrive, which aims to help Trans and gender-diverse community members find careers that will encourage and support them to live authentically. This program includes resume building, a mock interview, and tips on how to determine if a prospective employer is serious about inclusion.

Show links:
- Hey, Cis! TD Connected Community Moment: Simply Good Form's Name and Gender Marker Change Pathway & Clinics
- Check out THRIVE: Careers and Resiliency for registration and more info. 
- Da'Shaun (They/Them) on Twitter: "To be visibly Queer is to choose your happiness over your safety."

Hey, Cis! thanks musical artist Craymo for our intro/extro song: Be Myself
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Hosts: Cyn Sweeney (She/Her) and Isaac Cook (They/He)
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S3: E39: How to THRIVE, not just Survive with Emma Stanley
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